Thanks for Reading

400 something posts have been made at Whatever Takes Your Fancy. That’s a lot. I have been thinking about the blog for a while now – mainly thoughts about whether to continue it and the time has come, I believe, to say goodbye. Why? Good question. Over the last year I have become more and … Continue reading

It Is That Time of Year – WTYF Top Ten

Well what a year it has been. I have discovered a lot of music this year of varying genre and style and it has been a delight indulging in new sounds as well as old ones. For the end of year list I will be presenting my top ten full length releases for the year. … Continue reading

Go-Qualia – Puella Magi

Label: Virgin Babylon Records Purchase: CD from Virgin Babylon (2000Yen) For a while now I have noticed a lot of interaction between the netlabel Bunkai-Kei (run by Go-qualia) and Virgin Babylon Records run by World’s End Girlfriend. This is pretty much destined to happen, with the brilliant japanese electronica of Go-qualia and the frenetic and … Continue reading

Leonardo Rosado – Mute Words

Label: Heart and Soul Purchase: Limited to 50 cd-r copies accompanied by a hand made poetry book (with subsequent editions when sold out) I am striving to become anti-matter Leonardo Rosado has taken the brave leap into a world of experimentation for many years now, successfully moulding the real world around him with his musical world … Continue reading

Pascal Savy – Liminal

Label: Feedback Loop Buy: Limited to 60 copies – 3″ Cdr with photograph and poem Falling Inward: fluorescent lights burn bright and slow, forever morphing and expanding across darkness. Like a universe stretching its boundaries, galaxies kiss and depart and what was once visible fades away as the speed of light can no longer keep up … Continue reading

Neil Wiernik – Broken Strings, Plastic Tubes and Bedside Serenades

Label: Feedback Loop Label Free Download  I’ve had this unending fascination with power lines for a while now. I have taken a number of photographs that depict the desolate, lifeless nature that they impress upon me. Of all the photos I have taken, none come close to the astounding photograph that adorns the cover of … Continue reading

Feedback Loop Label Digital Postcard Series

Once again, Feedback Loop Label steps outside the box to bring a new feature to the growing netlabel – the digital postcard series. Artists are invited to contribute a single piece of music for free download which is then coupled with a photograph and poem. So far artists in the series include founder Leonardo Rosado … Continue reading

SIGHUP – City Passage

Steve Hamann is the mind behind SIGHUP, an exploration into ambient music that has had a life over the last decade. Hamann describes his heavily textured ambient pieces as ‘the abstracted way in which people understand and process place’ and there is no better way to describe City Passage. The three tracks, spread over 20 … Continue reading

Benjamin Dauer – Saturation Event

Thin, stretching, branches adorn the cover of Benjamin Dauer’s new release Saturation Event, the branches hold a heavy contrast with the foggy unknown background and a sense of eerie calm greets those who look at it. To be honest, it is slightly unnerving…and I love it. While a lot of ambient music for me creates … Continue reading

Lyndsie Alguire – Suspended in Light

Camomille Music is one of my favourite netlabels, and since re-inventing itself after shutting shop in 2009 it has continued to release quality music under a creative commons licence. The latest release has blown me away. Lyndsie is from Montreal and this is her debut release – a collection of at times short piano pieces, … Continue reading