Sima Kim – Empty

Pay what you want download at Bandcamp Sima Kim has a wonderful new EP out consisting of modern classical piano pieces. They are short and filled with emotion, and the sound is very intimate and touching. He is also looking for a place to release it! So anyone interested please get in contact with Sima … Continue reading

Rural Colours Subscription Pack 7

Rural Colours The Rural Colours series is extremely fascinating to me, and I think the reason I enjoy it so much is that in each pack there is a mix of established artists and relatively unknown (to me at least) up and comers. Subscription Pack 7 is no exception with a stunning release by Behncke … Continue reading

Fabrizio Paterlini – Fragments Found

Fabrizio Paterlini Records (Download) Glancing at the cover work of Fabrizio Paterlini’s follow-up to Viandanze (the modern classical pianists 2009 release), Fragments Found, you are offered a glimpse into the world Paterlini brings you into. This world has but one piano set in the middle of a spacious room. Sitting at the piano is Paterlini, … Continue reading