Depakote – Suicide Watch

The sky is grey, raindrops remain static on a bedroom window overlooking city lights. Thoughts run through your head, some glorious, some dark, all sinister. This sort of inner monologue, words unspoken in flight throughout one’s head is the subject matter for Depakote’s new record “Suicide Watch” released on Fly Definition records. Those familiar with … Continue reading

The Earth is a Man – The Earth is a Man

The Earth is a Man was recommended to me by instrumental prog-acoustic-rock guitarist Matt Stevens on twitter the other night so I checked them out and they blew me away. Very awesome interplay between two guitars and wonderful drumming and bass lines. The band straddles the line between math rock and post-rock and a little … Continue reading

Fabrizio Paterlini – Fragments Found

Fabrizio Paterlini Records (Download) Glancing at the cover work of Fabrizio Paterlini’s follow-up to Viandanze (the modern classical pianists 2009 release), Fragments Found, you are offered a glimpse into the world Paterlini brings you into. This world has but one piano set in the middle of a spacious room. Sitting at the piano is Paterlini, … Continue reading

Ldetm – Farewell

Feedback Loop Ldetm Once again, Feedback Loop finds us some tangential genius of modern music. For the netlabels September release patient listeners are treated to a glimpse into an unfolding layered landscape. Only with repeated listens does Ldetm’s Farewell EP take form. The main instrument in question is guitar, played sparsely with hints to a … Continue reading