Label Focus: Critical Heights

So the small bespoke label out of the UK by the name of Critical Heights is pretty much my obsession right about now. Critical Heights Label from what I read (and see on their Flickr) specialise in fairly awesome packaging of their releases and their roster is quite eclectic as well. I have only had … Continue reading

The Middle East – Jesus Came to My Birthday Party

This three track EP by Australian indie band The Middle East was just released, naturally it had to be listened to. The first track is catchy as anything, with wonderful male/female vocals going on. The second track is a massive jam, with heavy banjo flanking the instruments while the EP closes with a slow burning … Continue reading

Beach Fossils – Beach Fossils

Buy at Captured Tracks Just as the weather started to warm up here in Adelaide I discovered the hype of Beach Fossils along with a number of other bands that are following this ‘beachy, sunny, surfy’ trend of indie pop rock. It is addictive, not immediately (well some songs are) but most of this album … Continue reading

The Woods – The EP Logue

The Woods Website Stumbling across small bands with their little pockets of gold is quite nice, and this is what happened to me today when I clicked on a link thinking this group was another group. The Woods have a full length, but it is on Itunes and I cannot get it – so I’ve … Continue reading