Bernadette Erikka – Lie With Care

I have never quite heard the piano played like this. Immediately the sound was so foreign, so removed from my preconceptions of how the piano functions and how it sounds. This came as an immediate delight as well, this was something new to my ears. The notes would fall drastically, crumble into one another so carelessly … Continue reading

Parachute Pulse – Kingdom

Share this release freely Parachute Pulse is the moniker of Ana Roman from Bucharest, Romania. Her sounds is characterised by a mixture of ambient, electronic and sound design elements that for me show one of the strongest netlabel releases of the year so far. Thrown into this mix are obtuse vocal arrangements and field recordings … Continue reading

Make a Rising – New I Feeling

Make a Rising have just released a three track EP called New I Feeling and you can download it for free. The EP is a little more experimental than their previous two full lengths and incorporates a number of moods and sounds including some spacey sax soloing in opening track Don’t, Don’t, Don’t and even … Continue reading

Twin Lizard – The 6 Billion

Needle in the Groove Netlabel is situated in the UK and this release, dropping late last year is an EP by Twin Lizard (version 4?). The 6 Billion, a reference to the earth’s population I would presume is straight up hip hop with lyrics focused on the political state of the world as we know … Continue reading

Honoka Sakai – ToyBox

  This delightful release on the Totoko Netlabel is mad up of three tracks, with lead piano accompanied by a toy box of instruments. It is at times a playful, and mostly joyous affair with solo piano flourishes and child like instrumentation to conjure up feelings warm summer days spent in parks, climbing trees and … Continue reading

Industries of the Blind – Chapter 1: Had We Known Better

To download this album, click on and choose either “flac” or “mp3” at the bottom Just a quick post promoting this release, apparently this band has been around for ages and just hasn’t released anything – well here it is, the first chapter from the band Industries of the Blind. It is a cross between … Continue reading

V/A – Emotional Prints

Free Download This compilation of deep emotional electronic/ambient music comes from the very new (yes, this is their first release) Lumi Netlabel from France. I’m only on track 4 of 12 now but so far this release has blown me away. If you enjoy some very contemplative sounds, sounds that will get you through the … Continue reading

Monolyth & Cobalt – La température du feuillage entre deux saisons

Download Here for free Feedback Loop netlabel continues its tradition of pushing the envelope in sonics with the first release of 2011 from Monolyth & Cobalt. On first listen I feel a little apprehensive, this is dark and swelling ambience that feels like it is eating its way through my speakers and at any moment … Continue reading

Giggs – Universe EP

Download Monofonicos Netlabel I love twitter, and the reason I love twitter is because I follow alot of people who tweet about music. Everynow and then I’ll follow a tweet link to a netlabel record and download it, you know, because it is free! Today I took a punt on the Columbian netlabel Monofonicos – … Continue reading