Kwala – Projections

Label: Free Form Records Download: Bandcamp (Name Your Price) Some sweet subtle beats on this short EP, apparently there is a full length on the way so look out. These sounds from Kwala on Free Form Records are a nice little bunch of future hip hop sounds with swirling synths and punchy percussion. Sure to … Continue reading

Pixelord – Iron and Cream

Label: Leisure System Buy Physical / Digital: Boomkat So I’ve been on a massive kick for a whole lot of Russian beat makers recently. A.B.S.T.R.A.C.T, DZA, Oh! Dee and right now a young producer going by the name of Pixelord. I first started listening to them from the wonderful Far From Moscow free release compilations … Continue reading

KRTS – Hold On

Label: Project Mooncircle Digital / Physical: Bandcamp¬†/ HHV On the artwork of KRTS first official release are a number of hands picking at his hair, I personally would like to go a little further and pick this guys brain for his tunes are deliciously constructed and executed in this fine EP released on Project Mooncircle. … Continue reading

I am the Dot – Last Minute of Eternity

I am the Dot hits us with some new tunes! His beautiful brand of indie pop and soul is completely infectious and something you really should not miss. The more I listen the more addicted I become. The two track single is a pay what you want download (but drop a few dollars on it, … Continue reading

Of the West – Of the West

Click image for pay what you want download at Bandcamp Of the West have just recently licensed their work under a creative commons license, and it is available for free download at their bandcamp address, along with a physical copy of course. The music this group makes is somewhere along the lines of the effervescent … Continue reading

Rural Colours Subscription Pack 7

Rural Colours The Rural Colours series is extremely fascinating to me, and I think the reason I enjoy it so much is that in each pack there is a mix of established artists and relatively unknown (to me at least) up and comers. Subscription Pack 7 is no exception with a stunning release by Behncke … Continue reading