Kwala – Projections

Label: Free Form Records Download: Bandcamp (Name Your Price) Some sweet subtle beats on this short EP, apparently there is a full length on the way so look out. These sounds from Kwala on Free Form Records are a nice little bunch of future hip hop sounds with swirling synths and punchy percussion. Sure to … Continue reading

Feedback Loop Label Digital Postcard Series

Once again, Feedback Loop Label steps outside the box to bring a new feature to the growing netlabel – the digital postcard series. Artists are invited to contribute a single piece of music for free download which is then coupled with a photograph and poem. So far artists in the series include founder Leonardo Rosado … Continue reading

Matana Roberts – Coin Coin Chapter One: Gens de Couleur Libres

Rise, the emphatic opening sequence of alto-saxophonist Matana Roberts chimes in with free form wailing saxophone and dancing piano, joined by a cacophony of  brass and percussion the exposition recedes and the sound of instruments being prepared for what is about to unfold greets the listener. This is not your usual jazz album with standards and … Continue reading

James McDougall – Mountain upon a phosphorescent sky

Download for free @ Impulsive Habit Impulsive Habit is a sub label of the Portuguese netlabel Test Tube, so why I had not ventured into their release page yet I am unsure, but am glad I now have. The label focuses on field recordings along with stunning photography and artwork. This piece by James McDougall … Continue reading

Feedback Loop 1 Hour Special On Salford City Radio

In case you missed it, Jon Monk of Salford City Radio dedicated a one hour special to the wonderful Feedback Loop Label. The program contained a bunch of Feedback Loop Label music including Ambienteer, Birds of Passage, Landrecorder, Danny Spacecat and a pre-listen of the next release by The Dwindlers. Also included in the program … Continue reading

Interview: Fabrizio Paterlini

Fabrizio Paterlini Records This is something new Whatever Takes Your Fancy will be doing every once in a while, bringing you interviews with independent artists locally and from around the world. Fabrizio Paterlini is an Italian neo-classical pianist with full control of all his music and was kind enough to take the time to answer … Continue reading