Radere – I’ll Make You Quiet [FS001] – Futuresequence Label Launch

Label: Futuresequence Release Page Futuresequence led the way in 2011 releasing two large experimental compilations from artists all over the world. In 2012 the predominantly online music magazine has leaped ahead into a fully fledged label. The label’s first release will come from ambient/drone/noise artist Radere who has had many notable releases on various imprints … Continue reading

Pascal Savy – Liminal

Label: Feedback Loop Buy: Limited to 60 copies – 3″ Cdr with photograph and poem Falling Inward: fluorescent lights burn bright and slow, forever morphing and expanding across darkness. Like a universe stretching its boundaries, galaxies kiss and depart and what was once visible fades away as the speed of light can no longer keep up … Continue reading

Neil Wiernik – Broken Strings, Plastic Tubes and Bedside Serenades

Label: Feedback Loop Label Free Download  I’ve had this unending fascination with power lines for a while now. I have taken a number of photographs that depict the desolate, lifeless nature that they impress upon me. Of all the photos I have taken, none come close to the astounding photograph that adorns the cover of … Continue reading

Label Focus: Critical Heights

So the small bespoke label out of the UK by the name of Critical Heights is pretty much my obsession right about now. Critical Heights Label from what I read (and see on their Flickr) specialise in fairly awesome packaging of their releases and their roster is quite eclectic as well. I have only had … Continue reading

SIGHUP – City Passage

Steve Hamann is the mind behind SIGHUP, an exploration into ambient music that has had a life over the last decade. Hamann describes his heavily textured ambient pieces as ‘the abstracted way in which people understand and process place’ and there is no better way to describe City Passage. The three tracks, spread over 20 … Continue reading

Strom Noir – Dni stratili svoju farbu

Out on Hibernate Recordings this new record from Strom Noir translated means ‘Days Lost Their Colour’, scheduled for release in the northern hemisphere’s autumn but was pushed back it now sees the light of day. Emil Matko, from Slovakia is the man behind the sounds of this record and his style traverses the boundaries of meditative experimental … Continue reading

I’ve Lost – Scáth M’anam

Bobby Jones AKA I’ve Lost caught my eye and really took hold of my senses in his 2010 release on the Feedback Loop Label entitled Dissociative Fugue, it was a complete triumph in translating the most primordial human emotions through the musical language. 8 months on and I’ve Lost has his follow-up Scáth M’anam released on … Continue reading

Japan Crisis: Independent Music Community Help

So as I am sure everyone is aware, Japan has and is still going through a hell of a lot of turmoil right now. I have been to Japan three times, twice for 3 weeks and once for 4 months and it holds a special place with me. I have made a lot of friends … Continue reading

V/A – Emotional Prints

Free Download This compilation of deep emotional electronic/ambient music comes from the very new (yes, this is their first release) Lumi Netlabel from France. I’m only on track 4 of 12 now but so far this release has blown me away. If you enjoy some very contemplative sounds, sounds that will get you through the … Continue reading

Monolyth & Cobalt – La température du feuillage entre deux saisons

Download Here for free Feedback Loop netlabel continues its tradition of pushing the envelope in sonics with the first release of 2011 from Monolyth & Cobalt. On first listen I feel a little apprehensive, this is dark and swelling ambience that feels like it is eating its way through my speakers and at any moment … Continue reading