Pascal Savy – Liminal

Label: Feedback Loop Buy: Limited to 60 copies – 3″ Cdr with photograph and poem Falling Inward: fluorescent lights burn bright and slow, forever morphing and expanding across darkness. Like a universe stretching its boundaries, galaxies kiss and depart and what was once visible fades away as the speed of light can no longer keep up … Continue reading

Creatures of the Flood – Documentary Score by Kristin Rule

If you are lucky enough to catch a new documentary out commissioned by National Geographic called ‘Creatures of the Flood’ then you may (or may not) recognise that Kristin Rule has composed the music that accompanies the film. Kristin’s latest release ‘The Knife that Cuts a Tear’ was met with significant praise both on this … Continue reading

Neil Wiernik – Broken Strings, Plastic Tubes and Bedside Serenades

Label: Feedback Loop Label Free Download  I’ve had this unending fascination with power lines for a while now. I have taken a number of photographs that depict the desolate, lifeless nature that they impress upon me. Of all the photos I have taken, none come close to the astounding photograph that adorns the cover of … Continue reading

Pixelord – Iron and Cream

Label: Leisure System Buy Physical / Digital: Boomkat So I’ve been on a massive kick for a whole lot of Russian beat makers recently. A.B.S.T.R.A.C.T, DZA, Oh! Dee and right now a young producer going by the name of Pixelord. I first started listening to them from the wonderful Far From Moscow free release compilations … Continue reading

KRTS – Hold On

Label: Project Mooncircle Digital / Physical: Bandcamp / HHV On the artwork of KRTS first official release are a number of hands picking at his hair, I personally would like to go a little further and pick this guys brain for his tunes are deliciously constructed and executed in this fine EP released on Project Mooncircle. … Continue reading

Fabrizio Paterlini – Morning Sketches

Release Page:Fabrizio Paterlini Records Self-contained and thoughtful are things that come to mind while listening to Morning Sketches by Italian pianist Fabrizio Paterlini. Almost a year after his latest release Fragments Found (3.99 at bandcamp…what are you waiting for?) the wonderful composer brings us a short EP containing b-sides, exclusive unreleased tracks, live takes and even … Continue reading

Label Focus: Critical Heights

So the small bespoke label out of the UK by the name of Critical Heights is pretty much my obsession right about now. Critical Heights Label from what I read (and see on their Flickr) specialise in fairly awesome packaging of their releases and their roster is quite eclectic as well. I have only had … Continue reading

OzAsia Adelaide

So for all my Adelaide readers (I can probably count you on my two hands) the OzAsia festival is running pretty much now with some fantastic move screenings, performances and art exhibitions. Some choice shows that are high on the list include the following: White Rabbit – Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition This exhibition will be … Continue reading

V/A – Sequence1

Who: Various Artists Where: Future Sequence website Free Download There are some brilliant artists on this compilation and many that I have not heard of as well. Sequence1 is a compilation released by the Future Sequence webzine, a webzine dedicated to left field experimental music of the ambient, electronic and beat kind. There are a … Continue reading

Leonardo Rosado – Studies in Solitude

Label: Twisted Tree Line Buy Digital: Bandcamp Buy Physical: 3″ CDr Postcard Edition Rosado’s first release on Twisted Tree Line, for me, is one of his best works to date. Rosado continues his exploration into detailed sound design and ambience over the course of these five tracks that fit snuggly onto one 3″ CDr. There … Continue reading