Macro Vinyl: Offthesky & Pleq – A Thousand Field View [Infraction]

Infraction records spared no expense with this long awaited release from Offthesky and Pleq. Thick gatefold housing with OBI strip and two white LP’s pressed at 45rpm, both protected inside black anti-static inserts. The 2 LP’s are accompanied by a grey 7 inch with two bonus tracks. Modern classic / ambient / experimental / cinematic … Continue reading

Thanks for Reading

400 something posts have been made at Whatever Takes Your Fancy. That’s a lot. I have been thinking about the blog for a while now – mainly thoughts about whether to continue it and the time has come, I believe, to say goodbye. Why? Good question. Over the last year I have become more and … Continue reading

It Is That Time of Year – WTYF Top Ten

Well what a year it has been. I have discovered a lot of music this year of varying genre and style and it has been a delight indulging in new sounds as well as old ones. For the end of year list I will be presenting my top ten full length releases for the year. … Continue reading

Label Focus: Critical Heights

So the small bespoke label out of the UK by the name of Critical Heights is pretty much my obsession right about now. Critical Heights Label from what I read (and see on their Flickr) specialise in fairly awesome packaging of their releases and their roster is quite eclectic as well. I have only had … Continue reading

OzAsia Adelaide

So for all my Adelaide readers (I can probably count you on my two hands) the OzAsia festival is running pretty much now with some fantastic move screenings, performances and art exhibitions. Some choice shows that are high on the list include the following: White Rabbit – Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition This exhibition will be … Continue reading

Random Post for Anonymous #14

It has been a while, a long while. I do not even know if this is number 14 and I can’t be bothered checking – but I figure I am pretty close. I started this blog a long time ago and at first the purpose was to share music that I love and this purpose … Continue reading

Feedback Loop Label Digital Postcard Series

Once again, Feedback Loop Label steps outside the box to bring a new feature to the growing netlabel – the digital postcard series. Artists are invited to contribute a single piece of music for free download which is then coupled with a photograph and poem. So far artists in the series include founder Leonardo Rosado … Continue reading

Creative Commons License

Towards the right you can now see the license I will be publishing my writings here under, I realised that I probably should put some sort of license there and since I am all for the provision of free information and text it is a CC license, follow the link for further details on the … Continue reading

Please welcome…

Tara Lynn to the ballooning staff here at WTYF. Tara will be posting here from time to time. She has a keen eye for music, a passion for sound and a breadth of knowledge of the technical aspect of musicality (something I do not possess). Tara Lynn is from the US, I hear they have … Continue reading

FbL.pod007 Movement

The 7th Feedback Loop Label podcast was posted yesterday, approximately 36 minutes of blissful tunes for you to devour! All available for free. You can listen tot he podcast HERE Enjoy!