The Fierce and the Dead – If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe

I great while ago I came upon a release by guitarist Matt Stevens titled “Ghost” – it was a glorious instrumental album traversing a number of genres with his unique guitar playing. Well this is the band he plays in, The Fierce and the Dead and they have just released a new record. The music … Continue reading

The Mercury Program – Chez Viking

Shimmering. Always shimmering. Impossibly shimmering. I mused to myself, ‘I have figured it out! They sprinkled the electric piano with fairy dust and the vibraphone mallets are fairy wands with sparks spewing from the cloth heads!’ Alright… Maybe no fairy dust, just very proficient musicians with a vision, releasing an album after seven years of … Continue reading

The Earth is a Man – The Earth is a Man

The Earth is a Man was recommended to me by instrumental prog-acoustic-rock guitarist Matt Stevens on twitter the other night so I checked them out and they blew me away. Very awesome interplay between two guitars and wonderful drumming and bass lines. The band straddles the line between math rock and post-rock and a little … Continue reading

Of the West – Of the West

Click image for pay what you want download at Bandcamp Of the West have just recently licensed their work under a creative commons license, and it is available for free download at their bandcamp address, along with a physical copy of course. The music this group makes is somewhere along the lines of the effervescent … Continue reading

Industries of the Blind – Chapter 1: Had We Known Better

To download this album, click on and choose either “flac” or “mp3” at the bottom Just a quick post promoting this release, apparently this band has been around for ages and just hasn’t released anything – well here it is, the first chapter from the band Industries of the Blind. It is a cross between … Continue reading

One Day Soon – The Deepest Truths Never Get Told

Bandcamp ][ Buy CD One Day Soon is an international body of work, the full length traverses through numerous styles from hazy Buckley-esque guitar balladry to daring and out of this world electronics – an all-encompassing ride through the emotions. The music itself is born from the GAZA conflict of the middle east, more specifically … Continue reading

Absent Without Leave – Faded Photographs

Absent Without Leave It is often the case for me that different kinds of music call for different forms of listening. Sitting through Faded Photographs on my computer speakers was pleasant, but not satisfying. I revisited this album, two days later and again began playing it through the same speakers, unfortunately the noise outside my … Continue reading

Interview: Iròi

Download (Pay what you want) @ 42 records Bandcamp Iròi released Where you were now in September on the 42 Records netlabel, the album melds together a number of genre’s, most notably post-rock and electronic which culminates in an epic sounding release featuring guest artists and vocalists. Pietro, the man behind the music was kind enough … Continue reading

FbL.pod002 – Daydreams

Here is the second installment of the Feedback Loop Netlabel podcast series, entitled Daydreams. I went into this one really enjoying guitar works especially when incorporated into ambient music, so on this release you will find a lot of guitar in all it’s forms, be it ambient, experimental and even pop. I hope you enjoy. … Continue reading

Rural Colours Subscription Pack 4 – Jasper TX/Guy Gelem/Zvuku

I feel very lucky, for many reasons, to be reviewing this extremely beautiful and elegantly presented subscription pack by Rural Colours. Subscription pack 4, released this October in a run of 48 hand crafted packages contains three glistening pieces of music created for the discerning ear and presented with a whole lot of care. Visually … Continue reading