The Fierce and the Dead – If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe

I great while ago I came upon a release by guitarist Matt Stevens titled “Ghost” – it was a glorious instrumental album traversing a number of genres with his unique guitar playing. Well this is the band he plays in, The Fierce and the Dead and they have just released a new record. The music … Continue reading

Of the West – Of the West

Click image for pay what you want download at Bandcamp Of the West have just recently licensed their work under a creative commons license, and it is available for free download at their bandcamp address, along with a physical copy of course. The music this group makes is somewhere along the lines of the effervescent … Continue reading

Freaks in the Wild – Wouldn’t it be Strange…

Stream/Pay What You Want For the last few weeks I have been knee-deep in netlabel releases, ambient soundscapes, electronic bleeps, modern classical escapades and everything that falls under that umbrella. So when I tuned in Freaks in the Wild I really had to switch my mindset into this style of music, and I am glad … Continue reading