Sunwrae Eavesdropping Tour

The talented Sunwrae group will be touring Australia in approximately three weeks time, I will be checking them out at the Promethean on Grote street here in Adelaide and if you have the chance to catch them anywhere else don’t miss out. They play a nice blend of classical, jazz and chamber music. I have … Continue reading

Interview: Kristin Rule

It has been a while since I have presented an interview here on WTYF, so here goes. Cellist Kristin Rule was kind enough to take some time to answer a few questions for us and give a very nice insight into the processes and workings of her compositional craft. Kristin will be playing the┬áCastlemaine State … Continue reading

Sima Kim – Empty

Pay what you want download at Bandcamp Sima Kim has a wonderful new EP out consisting of modern classical piano pieces. They are short and filled with emotion, and the sound is very intimate and touching. He is also looking for a place to release it! So anyone interested please get in contact with Sima … Continue reading

V/A – Minute Papillon

Minute Papillon was released on the Second Language Record Label, a very independent label that works as a subscription based music distributor but also a stand alone purchase (provided that there are enough copies). The idea for this compilation was extremely interesting to me, so of course I had to pick up a copy for … Continue reading

Sima Kim – tribute to no one

Bandcamp Sima Kim’s tribute to no one opens with a prelude of acoustic piano, the sounds reverberate and slowly meander for the 2 minute duration. The prelude only beckons in one shade of what this record is, for throughout the 35 minutes the listener can expect an eclectic mix of subtle electronic ambience, modern classical … Continue reading

Rural Colours Subscription Pack 7

Rural Colours The Rural Colours series is extremely fascinating to me, and I think the reason I enjoy it so much is that in each pack there is a mix of established artists and relatively unknown (to me at least) up and comers. Subscription Pack 7 is no exception with a stunning release by Behncke … Continue reading

Isnaj Dui – Protective Displacement

Free Download at The flute is an instrument that conjures up an eastern flavour, scenery of tranquil yet at times turbulent and jilted journeys. Flautist Katie English defies the stereotypical flute sound and reaches deep into the depths of her main instrument, pushing its boundaries as far as sound can take it. This is … Continue reading

Fabrizio Paterlini – Fragments Found

Fabrizio Paterlini Records (Download) Glancing at the cover work of Fabrizio Paterlini’s follow-up to Viandanze (the modern classical pianists 2009 release), Fragments Found, you are offered a glimpse into the world Paterlini brings you into. This world has but one piano set in the middle of a spacious room. Sitting at the piano is Paterlini, … Continue reading

Rural Colours Subscription Pack 4 – Jasper TX/Guy Gelem/Zvuku

I feel very lucky, for many reasons, to be reviewing this extremely beautiful and elegantly presented subscription pack by Rural Colours. Subscription pack 4, released this October in a run of 48 hand crafted packages contains three glistening pieces of music created for the discerning ear and presented with a whole lot of care. Visually … Continue reading

Fabrizio Paterlini – Fragments Found Update

In the lead up to Fabrizio Paterlini’s album release on October 29 the Italian Pianist is giving us a glimpse of the cover art and track listing. So here it is in all it’s glory! In addition, Paterlini released the ten track names and also another little teaser…the fact that there is some even bigger … Continue reading