KRTS – Hold On

Label: Project Mooncircle Digital / Physical: Bandcamp / HHV On the artwork of KRTS first official release are a number of hands picking at his hair, I personally would like to go a little further and pick this guys brain for his tunes are deliciously constructed and executed in this fine EP released on Project Mooncircle. … Continue reading

FJORDNE – Charles Rendition

The Singapore based Kitchen. Label has been taking it’s time with releases, and why shouldn’t they. Each carefully selected and crafted album is exquisitely detailed right from the meticulous artwork all the way through to the precise and glorious music from its artists. Charles Rendition by FJORDNE (the second release for the artist on the … Continue reading

What I have been digging lately…

I have been pretty busy lately with my thesis and all, so i’m going to post a run down of what I have been enjoying of late. The Dear Hunter – The Colour Spectrum Vinyl There is no question that this is an epic set of music – each EP brings a different level, a … Continue reading

Matana Roberts – Coin Coin Chapter One: Gens de Couleur Libres

Rise, the emphatic opening sequence of alto-saxophonist Matana Roberts chimes in with free form wailing saxophone and dancing piano, joined by a cacophony of  brass and percussion the exposition recedes and the sound of instruments being prepared for what is about to unfold greets the listener. This is not your usual jazz album with standards and … Continue reading

The Fierce and the Dead – If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe

I great while ago I came upon a release by guitarist Matt Stevens titled “Ghost” – it was a glorious instrumental album traversing a number of genres with his unique guitar playing. Well this is the band he plays in, The Fierce and the Dead and they have just released a new record. The music … Continue reading

Colorlist – The Fastest Way To Become The Ocean

The Fastest Way To Become The Ocean is the first in a four-part series of releases on the Serein label, each one based on a season of the year. This EP by Colorlist represents Spring, and it is safe to say they have nailed it. The four tracks are all composed by the two members … Continue reading

The Dear Hunter – the Color Spectrum

So it is looking like June 14th will see the release of The Dear Hunter’s ridiculously ambitious 9 EP project ‘The Color Spectrum’. Mastermind Casey Crescenzo has completed 36 songs for this project, 4 tracks will appear on each EP. The Color Spectrum will be released in a 9 10″ EP vinyl box set, a … Continue reading

Sunwrae Eavesdropping Tour

The talented Sunwrae group will be touring Australia in approximately three weeks time, I will be checking them out at the Promethean on Grote street here in Adelaide and if you have the chance to catch them anywhere else don’t miss out. They play a nice blend of classical, jazz and chamber music. I have … Continue reading

Make a Rising – New I Feeling

Make a Rising have just released a three track EP called New I Feeling and you can download it for free. The EP is a little more experimental than their previous two full lengths and incorporates a number of moods and sounds including some spacey sax soloing in opening track Don’t, Don’t, Don’t and even … Continue reading

Austin Peralta – Endless Planets

Purchase The brainfeeder label opens up 2011 with something completely different. Word dropped that FlyLo was going to release a young kids jazz album, and this thoroughly piqued my interest. What I was expecting this album to sound like turned out to be nothing like I expected it to sound like – with Dr Strangeloop … Continue reading