V/A – Emotional Prints

Free Download This compilation of deep emotional electronic/ambient music comes from the very new (yes, this is their first release) Lumi Netlabel from France. I’m only on track 4 of 12 now but so far this release has blown me away. If you enjoy some very contemplative sounds, sounds that will get you through the … Continue reading

Simiram – Somnii

Elpamusic This release comes from a netlabel I recently found thanks to some really dedicated bloggers out there. Elpamusic is quite astounding in my eyes, not only because they release wonderful music but also because they do just that little bit more for the listener. With most of their releases they include high-resolution wallpaper artwork … Continue reading

Beef Terminal – The Isolationist

Beef Terminal is a one man project behind the now Sales Department works. The Isolationist blends subtle electronics and idm beats with layered and melodically textured electric guitars. The presence of two, three or four layers contributes so well to a cinematic and brooding sound.

The Sales Department – (Sub)ways

IDM is a genre awash with artists that imitate and re-create the same old headphone junky wet dreams for musicphiles to mull over in the dark. Thankfully every now and then a talented artist will crop their head and release something extremly pleasing and rewarding, both for your time and your pleasure. The Sales Department … Continue reading

Veell – Birdsland

Hailing from Russia it is easy to see how Veell’s musical explorations would fit a cold, desolate and snowy winter in the landscape up north. His clinical breakbeat and sleek electronic production swerve in and out of slipstreams fating only the ears that pay close attention. Traversing the line between aggressive and delicate from song … Continue reading

Emancipator – Safe in the Steep Cliffs

I think i’m in love. The kind of love that when you think/dream/see it you just smile. To be quite honest with you, I am only on the fifth track of my first listen and I am captivated, in fact I fear that this record will just ruin music altogether because it is so amazing … Continue reading

Worm is Green – Glow

Some music is just tailor made for headphones, not shitty headphones, but headphones that can handle the heavy synth bass sounds, the organic electronic tonalities and intricate glitch laden beat tronica. Worm is Green started out as one man manipulating the sounds of two icelandic stones being rubbed together – it’s no suprise then that … Continue reading

Hu Zi & Wang Juan – Gemini Trip

Transport yourself to a deep sea chillout vibe of grand proportions. Sweet chinese vocals lay softly above electronic beats complimented by an array of instrumentation. The album consumes the listener with ease takign them from a physical position to that of emersion in another world. Sounds spin and swirl around you while the vocals lay … Continue reading

Boards of Canada – Music Has The Right To Children

Smootm ambient synths wind in and out, drift through the air an into your ears just as a feather would to your hands. The ambient and earthly sounds are accompanied by glitchy beats that maintain punchy rhythms and hop around electronic bliss. This is the way to wind down and relax…

Kashiwa Daisuke – 5 Dec.

Gone are the modern classical and organic song structures of Program Music 1. So what comes next for a seemingly accomplished modern composer of reveered underground success? Daisuke has opted for the electronic side of the coin, and on this, his third full length he brings a contrast of sonic temptation for the music geek. … Continue reading