Kwala – Projections

Label: Free Form Records Download: Bandcamp (Name Your Price) Some sweet subtle beats on this short EP, apparently there is a full length on the way so look out. These sounds from Kwala on Free Form Records are a nice little bunch of future hip hop sounds with swirling synths and punchy percussion. Sure to … Continue reading

Pixelord – Iron and Cream

Label: Leisure System Buy Physical / Digital: Boomkat So I’ve been on a massive kick for a whole lot of Russian beat makers recently. A.B.S.T.R.A.C.T, DZA, Oh! Dee and right now a young producer going by the name of Pixelord. I first started listening to them from the wonderful Far From Moscow free release compilations … Continue reading

KRTS – Hold On

Label: Project Mooncircle Digital / Physical: Bandcamp¬†/ HHV On the artwork of KRTS first official release are a number of hands picking at his hair, I personally would like to go a little further and pick this guys brain for his tunes are deliciously constructed and executed in this fine EP released on Project Mooncircle. … Continue reading

Depakote – Suicide Watch

The sky is grey, raindrops remain static on a bedroom window overlooking city lights. Thoughts run through your head, some glorious, some dark, all sinister. This sort of inner monologue, words unspoken in flight throughout one’s head is the subject matter for Depakote’s new record “Suicide Watch” released on Fly Definition records. Those familiar with … Continue reading

Twin Lizard – The 6 Billion

Needle in the Groove Netlabel is situated in the UK and this release, dropping late last year is an EP by Twin Lizard (version 4?). The 6 Billion, a reference to the earth’s population I would presume is straight up hip hop with lyrics focused on the political state of the world as we know … Continue reading

Mux Mool – Skulltaste

Buy at Ghostly Slowly and gradually I have been devouring Ghostly International releases for the last six months or so, and it has been a delight to devour all the incredible sounds their artists are experimenting in right now. Mux Mool’s debut full length on the Ghostly imprint is a melting pot of beats, electro … Continue reading

Modal Soul Classics II – A Tribute to Nujabes (V/A)

While in Japan one of the first records I saw was this one, and of course I had to pick it up. The main reason being it had a track I hadn’t heard by Emancipator on it. Luckily the rest is also top quality chill out jazz and beats, and why wouldn’t a tribute to … Continue reading

Shigeto – Full Circle

Shigeto is creating just a ripple of stir with his previous two EP’s and his debut full length, Full Circle. Although, judging by the fact this record is now in the top 25 electronic releases on Itunes it would be more appropriate to call it a wave of hype. Is this hype justified? A resounding … Continue reading

Kid Cudi – Man on the Moon II (Legend of Mr Rager)

I don’t want to write a review of this because THIS ONE says everything that needs to be said, and more. Kudos Channing.

Manni Dee – Fluxus

Download For Free @ Bedroom Research Found a couple of new netlabel’s last night and decided to check out some of the releases. This EP comes from the Bedroom research netlabel who has quite a nice number of releases under their belt. Fluxus melds a number of different style’s into 6 tracks ranging from jazzy … Continue reading