Leonardo Rosado – Mute Words

Label: Heart and Soul Purchase: Limited to 50 cd-r copies accompanied by a hand made poetry book (with subsequent editions when sold out) I am striving to become anti-matter Leonardo Rosado has taken the brave leap into a world of experimentation for many years now, successfully moulding the real world around him with his musical world … Continue reading

Leonardo Rosado – Studies in Solitude

Label: Twisted Tree Line Buy Digital: Bandcamp Buy Physical: 3″ CDr Postcard Edition Rosado’s first release on Twisted Tree Line, for me, is one of his best works to date. Rosado continues his exploration into detailed sound design and ambience over the course of these five tracks that fit snuggly onto one 3″ CDr. There … Continue reading

SIGHUP – City Passage

Steve Hamann is the mind behind SIGHUP, an exploration into ambient music that has had a life over the last decade. Hamann describes his heavily textured ambient pieces as ‘the abstracted way in which people understand and process place’ and there is no better way to describe City Passage. The three tracks, spread over 20 … Continue reading

What I have been digging lately…

I have been pretty busy lately with my thesis and all, so i’m going to post a run down of what I have been enjoying of late. The Dear Hunter – The Colour Spectrum Vinyl There is no question that this is an epic set of music – each EP brings a different level, a … Continue reading

Donato Wharton – A White Rainbow Spanning The Dark

Serein’s ‘season’ concept caught me, like a fierce predator stalking its prey it lured me in. Now I find myself knee deep in the first work from Donato Wharton in… what is it? six years? Well he hasn’t been completely silent, rather the composer has been working on various sound art commissions for dance and … Continue reading

Lyndsie Alguire – Suspended in Light

Camomille Music is one of my favourite netlabels, and since re-inventing itself after shutting shop in 2009 it has continued to release quality music under a creative commons licence. The latest release has blown me away. Lyndsie is from Montreal and this is her debut release – a collection of at times short piano pieces, … Continue reading

Leonardo Rosado – Opaque Glitter [Pre-order]

Feedback Loop Label presents its first physical edition, and how fitting that label founder Leonardo Rosado releases his album Opaque Glitter. The record is made up of tracks chosen by the public from a large pool of the Opaque Glitter Sessions. The album is in a limited run of 100 copies, accompanied by 1 of … Continue reading

Rural Colorus Subscription Pack 11

If I were to point out one big difference between the experimental music world and the commercial/mainstream music world, it is that the experimental music industry (wow that word has negative connotations these days) takes the utmost care in their releases, makes them personal for the listener and is much more attuned to quality packaging … Continue reading

Birds of Passage – Without the World

Without the World is a vulnerable and fragile pool of emotions, musically and lyrically. Alicia Merz treads ever so softly through glorious minimal compositions scattered throughout the record with a soft-spoken but hard-hitting set of vocal chords. In this day and age it is a struggle for an artist to present something unique, something new and … Continue reading

Strom Noir – Dni stratili svoju farbu

Out on Hibernate Recordings this new record from Strom Noir translated means ‘Days Lost Their Colour’, scheduled for release in the northern hemisphere’s autumn but was pushed back it now sees the light of day. Emil Matko, from Slovakia is the man behind the sounds of this record and his style traverses the boundaries of meditative experimental … Continue reading