Go-Qualia – Puella Magi

Label: Virgin Babylon Records Purchase: CD from Virgin Babylon (2000Yen) For a while now I have noticed a lot of interaction between the netlabel Bunkai-Kei (run by Go-qualia) and Virgin Babylon Records run by World’s End Girlfriend. This is pretty much destined to happen, with the brilliant japanese electronica of Go-qualia and the frenetic and … Continue reading

Manni Dee – Fluxus

Download For Free @ Bedroom Research Found a couple of new netlabel’s last night and decided to check out some of the releases. This EP comes from the Bedroom research netlabel who has quite a nice number of releases under their belt. Fluxus melds a number of different style’s into 6 tracks ranging from jazzy … Continue reading

Parov Stelar – The Phantom

I am pretty much super excited for this release, Stelar’s latest EP offering since he released the brilliant full length COCO last year. The cover suggests something similar to his previous EP’s “The Flame of Fame” and “Libella Swing” which to be quite honest where magnificent in themselves. “The Phantom” has three tracks: (1) The … Continue reading

Flying Lotus BBC Essential Mix – 11-29-2008

The BBC Radio 1 has had some incredible mixes over the years, and when you talk about finding the ‘essential’ mixes of all the essential mixes this one springs to mind. It divided a lot of people, all you have to do is visit a few sites and read the plethora of comments on this … Continue reading

Parov Stelar – Remixes 2004 – 2006

So in addition to the previous compilation posted is this earlier collection of Parov Stelar remixes. Equally as chilled out, cinematic and noir-ish, a great addition to any Stelar discography.

Parov Stelar – Remixes (2006-2009)

  So as you may or may not know, I am a Parov Stelar fanatic, from his humble beginnings of downtempo, nu-jazz, late night noir musings to his modern electro swing floor fillers, I love it all. As i was searching the net (as I do now and then) I stumbled on this remix compilation … Continue reading

Caravan Palace – Caravan Palace

So once again I am notoriously late, these guys toured here for WOMAD last year and just like how I missed a great opportunity with Beirut I also missed a great opportunity to see these guys play. After browsing some Parov Stelar similar artist’s on Lastfm the other day I decided to actually follow up … Continue reading

Roland Schwarz – The Crunch EP

This short EP was just released by a fellow named Roland Schwarz, he is label mates with swing/jazz/electro/house maestro Parov Stelar (who offers a delightful remix himself). To be honest, Parov Stelar drew me to this EP alone, but I am familiar with Schwarz’s work which combines breakbeat with wonderfully crafted modern jazz pieces. The … Continue reading

Parov Stelar – Coco Pt 2

Parov Stelar’s second disc of his latest long player release “Coco” is an amalgamation of the territory he has covered as a club DJ over the past two years, everything he has melded together from jazz, swing and that retro soncialisation has been combined with the unique flavour of electro house emerging from the underground … Continue reading

Parov Stelar – Coco

As we creep closer to the release of Parov Stelar’s ‘Coco’ a promo site has been set up for all your promo needs (and pre-listening desires!) Head over HERE to preview 11 tracks from the new double album Coco!