Radere – I’ll Make You Quiet [FS001] – Futuresequence Label Launch

Label: Futuresequence Release Page Futuresequence led the way in 2011 releasing two large experimental compilations from artists all over the world. In 2012 the predominantly online music magazine has leaped ahead into a fully fledged label. The label’s first release will come from ambient/drone/noise artist Radere who has had many notable releases on various imprints … Continue reading

Leonardo Rosado – Mute Words

Label: Heart and Soul Purchase: Limited to 50 cd-r copies accompanied by a hand made poetry book (with subsequent editions when sold out) I am striving to become anti-matter Leonardo Rosado has taken the brave leap into a world of experimentation for many years now, successfully moulding the real world around him with his musical world … Continue reading

Jacaszek – Glimmer

Artist: Jacaszek Album: Glimmer Label: Ghostly Records International Buy: Pre-order the album on CD / Vinyl / Digital on November the 8th Striking cover art for Polish artist Michal Jacaszek’s forthcoming release ‘Glimmer’ on the Ghostly imprint. I am really looking forward to this release (especially for a copy on vinyl). I know Ghostly will … Continue reading

Neil Wiernik – Broken Strings, Plastic Tubes and Bedside Serenades

Label: Feedback Loop Label Free Download  I’ve had this unending fascination with power lines for a while now. I have taken a number of photographs that depict the desolate, lifeless nature that they impress upon me. Of all the photos I have taken, none come close to the astounding photograph that adorns the cover of … Continue reading

What I have been digging lately…

I have been pretty busy lately with my thesis and all, so i’m going to post a run down of what I have been enjoying of late. The Dear Hunter – The Colour Spectrum Vinyl There is no question that this is an epic set of music – each EP brings a different level, a … Continue reading

[FbL.pod009] 1 AM

Check out the latest Feedback Loop podcast here which features a host of exceptional artists and yours truly selecting the tracklist.

Benjamin Dauer – Saturation Event

Thin, stretching, branches adorn the cover of Benjamin Dauer’s new release Saturation Event, the branches hold a heavy contrast with the foggy unknown background and a sense of eerie calm greets those who look at it. To be honest, it is slightly unnerving…and I love it. While a lot of ambient music for me creates … Continue reading

Donato Wharton – A White Rainbow Spanning The Dark

Serein’s ‘season’ concept caught me, like a fierce predator stalking its prey it lured me in. Now I find myself knee deep in the first work from Donato Wharton in… what is it? six years? Well he hasn’t been completely silent, rather the composer has been working on various sound art commissions for dance and … Continue reading

Leonardo Rosado – Opaque Glitter [Pre-order]

Feedback Loop Label presents its first physical edition, and how fitting that label founder Leonardo Rosado releases his album Opaque Glitter. The record is made up of tracks chosen by the public from a large pool of the Opaque Glitter Sessions. The album is in a limited run of 100 copies, accompanied by 1 of … Continue reading

Luca Nasciuti – Temporali

Luca Nasciuti’s Temporali at first listen, for me, was musical experimentation at the height of its game. Over time this image of experimentation I had in my head was slowly eroded away until I formed a new opinion of the ominous, foreboding and confronting sounds on this release. This new opinion was one of musical … Continue reading