Shigeto – New Light

Label: Ghostly International Purchase: Via Ghostly Service A wonderful new detour by percussionist/instrumental hip hop artist Shigeto – New Light is a collection of b-sides taken from the [ast three years. The short EP is full of  minimal ambient and abstract sounds with the occasional deep bass rumble. A lovely release all round, including … Continue reading

Leonardo Rosado – Mute Words

Label: Heart and Soul Purchase: Limited to 50 cd-r copies accompanied by a hand made poetry book (with subsequent editions when sold out) I am striving to become anti-matter Leonardo Rosado has taken the brave leap into a world of experimentation for many years now, successfully moulding the real world around him with his musical world … Continue reading

Lyndsie Alguire – Suspended in Light

Camomille Music is one of my favourite netlabels, and since re-inventing itself after shutting shop in 2009 it has continued to release quality music under a creative commons licence. The latest release has blown me away. Lyndsie is from Montreal and this is her debut release – a collection of at times short piano pieces, … Continue reading

Untight – Live at Theaterkapelle

Untight is a group of three guys playing a number of instruments – some recognisable and some not so. This live set of two extensive tracks (at 28 minutes and 34 minutes, respectively) weave throughout a number of styles including ambient, psychedlica, punk, noise and quite possibly a few in between. “Set Two” is driven … Continue reading

I’ve Lost – Scáth M’anam

Bobby Jones AKA I’ve Lost caught my eye and really took hold of my senses in his 2010 release on the Feedback Loop Label entitled Dissociative Fugue, it was a complete triumph in translating the most primordial human emotions through the musical language. 8 months on and I’ve Lost has his follow-up Scáth M’anam released on … Continue reading

Parachute Pulse – Kingdom

Share this release freely Parachute Pulse is the moniker of Ana Roman from Bucharest, Romania. Her sounds is characterised by a mixture of ambient, electronic and sound design elements that for me show one of the strongest netlabel releases of the year so far. Thrown into this mix are obtuse vocal arrangements and field recordings … Continue reading

V/A – Minute Papillon

Minute Papillon was released on the Second Language Record Label, a very independent label that works as a subscription based music distributor but also a stand alone purchase (provided that there are enough copies). The idea for this compilation was extremely interesting to me, so of course I had to pick up a copy for … Continue reading

Max Richter – 24 Postcards in Full Colour

This would have to be my favourite Max Richter release, straight off the bat you are treated to short, fleeting beauty in his focused classical flourishes and subtle electronic shortscapes. I love how every track is short, the longest being just 2:51 long. Each track gives you enough to hold on to but constantly lets … Continue reading

Leonardo Rosado – Opaque Glitter

Have you ever wanted to select the tracks that make it to the final cut of an album? Well with Leonardo Rosado’s innovative concept you can do just that. Creating wistful drones and lustful ambient music Leonardo, under the guise of sbtrmnl is looking for people all over the world to select which tracks make … Continue reading

Dth – Songs To Sleep Next To

Where I Hope I Can Feel Something Like That One Day was an exposition in the psyche and an obliteration of ten ideas mashed into a few short and longer pieces of music Dth’s latest release, Songs to Sleep Next to is a trip into what goes on underneath the buzz of hectic swashes and … Continue reading