Nils Frahm – Felt

Label: Erased Tapes Buy: LP / CD / Digital Nils Frahm on Felt is breathing new life into the piano. The recording process of Felt is extremely interesting and alluring – Frahm, playing in his home recording studio felt that he did not want to disturb his neighbours playing late into the night and so … Continue reading

Jacaszek – Glimmer

Artist: Jacaszek Album: Glimmer Label: Ghostly Records International Buy: Pre-order the album on CD / Vinyl / Digital on November the 8th Striking cover art for Polish artist Michal Jacaszek’s forthcoming release ‘Glimmer’ on the Ghostly imprint. I am really looking forward to this release (especially for a copy on vinyl). I know Ghostly will … Continue reading

Creatures of the Flood – Documentary Score by Kristin Rule

If you are lucky enough to catch a new documentary out commissioned by National Geographic called ‘Creatures of the Flood’ then you may (or may not) recognise that Kristin Rule has composed the music that accompanies the film. Kristin’s latest release ‘The Knife that Cuts a Tear’ was met with significant praise both on this … Continue reading

Kashiwa Daisuke – 88

Highly fated electronic composer Kashiwa Daisuke is a flexible kind of guy. His first two releases revolved around epic electronic cross classical boundaries while his last effort 5 Dec. integrated guitar and sprawling effects to create a monster of its own. Now Daisuke chooses to drop the claustrophobic nature of his electronic music for something … Continue reading

FJORDNE – Charles Rendition

The Singapore based Kitchen. Label has been taking it’s time with releases, and why shouldn’t they. Each carefully selected and crafted album is exquisitely detailed right from the meticulous artwork all the way through to the precise and glorious music from its artists. Charles Rendition by FJORDNE (the second release for the artist on the … Continue reading

What I have been digging lately…

I have been pretty busy lately with my thesis and all, so i’m going to post a run down of what I have been enjoying of late. The Dear Hunter – The Colour Spectrum Vinyl There is no question that this is an epic set of music – each EP brings a different level, a … Continue reading

[FbL.pod009] 1 AM

Check out the latest Feedback Loop podcast here which features a host of exceptional artists and yours truly selecting the tracklist.

The Dear Hunter – The Color Spectrum [All the information you need]

June 14th (next Tuesday) is when The Dear Hunter’s complete Color Spectrum work will be released. I cannot recommend this release highly enough – Casey Crescenzo (lead singer and composer) has worked for over a year on these 9 EP’s. Each EP represents a color on the spectrum with black and white as bookends. There … Continue reading

Luca Nasciuti – Temporali

Luca Nasciuti’s Temporali at first listen, for me, was musical experimentation at the height of its game. Over time this image of experimentation I had in my head was slowly eroded away until I formed a new opinion of the ominous, foreboding and confronting sounds on this release. This new opinion was one of musical … Continue reading

Sunwrae Eavesdropping Tour

The talented Sunwrae group will be touring Australia in approximately three weeks time, I will be checking them out at the Promethean on Grote street here in Adelaide and if you have the chance to catch them anywhere else don’t miss out. They play a nice blend of classical, jazz and chamber music. I have … Continue reading