Jacob Montague – Fly On

For the last few hours I have been typing random genres “bandcamp” into a google search, following trails down through other releases and just exploring. It is exciting, because for every twenty or so mediocre albums I find I get one that will stop me in my tracks. Fly On by Jacob Montague is that … Continue reading

What I have been digging lately…

I have been pretty busy lately with my thesis and all, so i’m going to post a run down of what I have been enjoying of late. The Dear Hunter – The Colour Spectrum Vinyl There is no question that this is an epic set of music – each EP brings a different level, a … Continue reading

The Dear Hunter – The Color Spectrum [All the information you need]

June 14th (next Tuesday) is when The Dear Hunter’s complete Color Spectrum work will be released. I cannot recommend this release highly enough – Casey Crescenzo (lead singer and composer) has worked for over a year on these 9 EP’s. Each EP represents a color on the spectrum with black and white as bookends. There … Continue reading

The Fierce and the Dead – If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe

I great while ago I came upon a release by guitarist Matt Stevens titled “Ghost” – it was a glorious instrumental album traversing a number of genres with his unique guitar playing. Well this is the band he plays in, The Fierce and the Dead and they have just released a new record. The music … Continue reading

Rural Colorus Subscription Pack 11

If I were to point out one big difference between the experimental music world and the commercial/mainstream music world, it is that the experimental music industry (wow that word has negative connotations these days) takes the utmost care in their releases, makes them personal for the listener and is much more attuned to quality packaging … Continue reading

Strom Noir – Dni stratili svoju farbu

Out on Hibernate Recordings¬†this new record from Strom Noir translated means ‘Days Lost Their Colour’, scheduled for release in the northern hemisphere’s autumn but was pushed back it now sees the light of day.¬†Emil Matko, from Slovakia is the man behind the sounds of this record and his style traverses the boundaries of meditative experimental … Continue reading

V/A – Minute Papillon

Minute Papillon was released on the Second Language Record Label, a very independent label that works as a subscription based music distributor but also a stand alone purchase (provided that there are enough copies). The idea for this compilation was extremely interesting to me, so of course I had to pick up a copy for … Continue reading

Absent Without Leave – Faded Photographs

Absent Without Leave It is often the case for me that different kinds of music call for different forms of listening. Sitting through Faded Photographs on my computer speakers was pleasant, but not satisfying. I revisited this album, two days later and again began playing it through the same speakers, unfortunately the noise outside my … Continue reading

The Middle East – Jesus Came to My Birthday Party

This three track EP by Australian indie band The Middle East was just released, naturally it had to be listened to. The first track is catchy as anything, with wonderful male/female vocals going on. The second track is a massive jam, with heavy banjo flanking the instruments while the EP closes with a slow burning … Continue reading

The Tallest Man on Earth – The Wild Hunt

End of year lists are great, I hate writing them and I’m still trying to figure out how im going to set mine out, but after reading some others I’ve found some brilliant albums to listen to. One of them being this one. The Tallest Man on Earth is one man from Sweden who, with … Continue reading