WTYF is a blog dedicated to bringing you, the reader, a myriad of music styles and genres to feed the endless obssession for music that i and yourself share. I hope what you find you enjoy and that you enjoy the tunes that have influenced me throughout my life.

I would urge you to support the artists when you can by either purchasing merch, going to shows and buying cds/LPs/Cassettes/Digital. If you are an artist yourself and would like your music featured on my blog do not hesitate to contact me on my email – shibby_2_that@hotmail.com – and feel free to discuss anything i post on this blog!

Happy reading, Alex.

13 Responses to “About”
  1. anon says:

    cute pic 😀 hehe

  2. Thanks Alex for this Blog. I occasionally dip my toe in to feel the temp, and it is indeed, Sir, quite serene.

    It is without doubt, an honorable pleasure to see you pursuing that which is truly who you are.

    Much Love


  3. Alex says:

    Hey Dad,

    Hows life, thnx for reading, i emailed you a couple weeks back but it must have been an old address.

    I have reached a point in my life where i realise that the only thing i truly love is music, it is the universal language that we all can enjoy, understand and share with each other.

  4. Life’s good, very busy with lots of amazing things happening! E-mail address is either andy@mechanarchy.com.au or info@mechanarchy.com.au.

    Your love of music does without doubt truly shine through your blog, your writing is incredibly expressive, colorful and has great depth. Do you get any stats on visits etc? If so, how is the site going? Seems to me that your blog is quite unique in that it covers such an eclectic mix, something, unfortunately or fortunately, that is extremely rare in today’s music scene.

    How’s Uni going? Any thoughts of changing the study focus towards your true love?


    • Alex says:

      Im averaging 1000 hits a month, highest being 1500 when I wrote an article on Sargent House Records (an independant record label doing all the right things for their artists) – the label found my article and posted it on their site/facebook/twitter and i had 516 hits in one day alone haha. It’s a great time to love all kinds of music, not only do you have centuries of music to go back and enjoy there are also a myriad of amazing artists releasing material today.

      Uni is great, I just received a scholarship to assist a study on ageing and cognitive performance which will take place over the next eight weeks. Heading into third year next year so still a long way to go. Despite my love for music, I probably see it as more of a realm that i can either escape to, or a platform to connect with people – I have thought about somehow integrating psychology and music, which no doubt has been done before, but i like the fact that i can go home after a long day studying to a record and just sit back and relax, so i may keep the two aspects apart for now. Psychology is certainly keeping me interested and i wouldnt study anything else above it.

      Ill hit you up in an email, the world is finding out too much about me haha

  5. Trevor Tchir says:

    Thanks for the review. Great site you have here. Many cheers from Edmonton!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am trying to unzip the file “Worm is Green – Glow” . It asks me for a password. there is no password on the post. what is the magic word?




  7. Alex says:

    the magic word is ‘nodata.tv’ – i think. if it is not that lemme know and ill find out for you

  8. Also- follow us on Twitter! @theonlinemusical

  9. Reggie G says:

    To whom it may concern:

    On behalf of my client rapper Reggie G from Dallas TX, we are seeking an album & single review for the upcoming album Reggie Who? on your website. Please let us know what are the steps to take to submit our album for review for the upcoming release.

    Artist- Reggie G
    Website- http://www.mastamindslive.com

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