Leonardo Rosado – Mute Words

Label: Heart and Soul

Purchase: Limited to 50 cd-r copies accompanied by a hand made poetry book (with subsequent editions when sold out)

I am striving to become anti-matter

Leonardo Rosado has taken the brave leap into a world of experimentation for many years now, successfully moulding the real world around him with his musical world of ideas – whether it be the deconstruction of modern architechture, the crossroads between sound and poetry or the depths of abstract photography. This experimentation has borne a host of projects and collaborations of recent times and continually grows the palette of musical integration with emotional expression that Rosado desires to explore.

Mute Words is the first release from Heart and Soul Publisher – a new imprint in which poetry and music co-exist in physical form and manifest in limited home-made runs for the die hard collector. Striking is the diversity presented in the 44 minute running time with a number of guest vocalists all bringing their unique sound to Rosado’s oft times despairingly bleak sound design.

Barbara de Dominicis appears first on the second track How Inbetween Came to Be with an air of innocence buried beneath the enveloping textures moulded by Rosado. Floating endlessly in a thick veil, angelic and delicate is her voice. Immediately following is the beautifully constructed At the Intersection where Rosado plays a sombre piano buried beneath a wistful drone and manipulated sound – It certainly leaves me at an intersection of emotions where one second grace and beauty shine through and the next a sudden piano note or found sound will throw me back intot he ominous and dark camp.

Michelle Seaman, who you may remember as one half of The Dwindlers graces The Study of Doubt with her striking voice – a spoken word piece of a poem written by Rosado which in my belief contains one of the most powerful lines I have heard in a long time, ‘I am striving to become anti-matter’. An extreme call for escapism or simply a statement to be caught in nothingness, Rosado calls into question our own existence, our purpose and place.

The third vocal contributor is Alicia Merz, whom has worked extensively with Rosado for some time now. Alicia appears on Out of Pure Kindness and her voice oozes with unforsakeable charm. Desperately reaching to the listener from a dark room. Encapsulated by sounds, expanding drones, piano notes and percussive textures.

Mute Words really calls into question the subject of our existence, it is clear to me through the song titles alone that there is this place where we exist concurrently as we do not exist. The space in between, perhaps a metaphysical world. Sustaining Silence, The Study of Doubt, Quietness Unfolding, Dust in the Air. We are all suspended in something that ceases to exist, paradoxically alive and dead.

I am striving to become anti-matter

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