Neil Wiernik – Broken Strings, Plastic Tubes and Bedside Serenades

Label: Feedback Loop Label

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I’ve had this unending fascination with power lines for a while now. I have taken a number of photographs that depict the desolate, lifeless nature that they impress upon me. Of all the photos I have taken, none come close to the astounding photograph that adorns the cover of the latest Feedback Loop release by Niel Wiernik. Jessica once again provides a stunningly accurate portrayal of the music contained within with her artistic skills, complemented by Leonardo Rosado’s striking design and layout.

This is a long release, at one hour and nineteen minutes the task at first may seem daunting. To devote one’s time to such a release takes a little bit of courage and strength. This is overwhelmingly rewarded right from beginning to end with four tracks which are all distinct from one another but carry heavy weight. I rarely feel this involved, this connected with ambient music. For me to feel connected it is a rare artist that comes around seldom. Wiernik has managed to draw me in on each offering he has given.

What I admire in this release is his insistence on drawing the tracks out and exploring as much as possible. Endangered Species List No 387 is cold, lonely and desolate for the full measure with swelling ambience and static that emanates exactly what the album cover shows. The shortest track on the release, at nine minutes, is Saline Serenade and ushers in a completely different feel from the aforementioned track with bright decaying sounds and subtle glitches grabbing at space that isn’t there. Slowly more tangible sounds arrive and the mind is again twisted and augmented, mesmerised by the kaleidoscopic sound.

Day 19, Room 1406, Bed 2 is the closer and is a 30 minute epic, subtle and peaceful drones ebb and flow but always are underpinned by something unique, something continually developing. I find the titles of all the tracks amusing, they give place and meaning to the tracks. They are simultaneously personal yet impersonal to me. I found this helped with me connecting with the tracks themselves, as if I was living what someone else was living and experiencing the music vicariously through them. One thing is for sure, this will end up as one of my favourite netlabel releases this year.


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  1. The Rev Jr. Pro, Nineteen80 Jr. and Krankenstein Jr.’s are all footswitchable, the Rev Jr. Standard is not if that’s the one you picked up used.

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