KRTS – Hold On

Label: Project Mooncircle

Digital / Physical: Bandcamp / HHV

On the artwork of KRTS first official release are a number of hands picking at his hair, I personally would like to go a little further and pick this guys brain for his tunes are deliciously constructed and executed in this fine EP released on Project Mooncircle.

The Hold On EP opens with Love or Logic which floats between ambience, beats and jazz to a perfect degree. Then begins an utter mind boggling trip into wonky dubstep and Flying Lotus inspired beat heaven, with the title track focussing on super low end wobble and catchy vocal cuts that are both clear and distorted as they descend and morph into synth bliss. Follows is my favourite track from the release, Whatever has potentially my favourite bass sound of my entire life, which I will not try to describe here but it is completely and utterly smooth and emotional.

This is an EP I highly recommend you do not sleep on, throw down the six dollars it will set you back at the bandcamp link or if you’re keen splash on the vinyl edition. You will not regret it. Sounds this lush should not go unheard.


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