Fabrizio Paterlini – Morning Sketches

Release Page:Fabrizio Paterlini Records

Self-contained and thoughtful are things that come to mind while listening to Morning Sketches by Italian pianist Fabrizio Paterlini. Almost a year after his latest release Fragments Found (3.99 at bandcamp…what are you waiting for?) the wonderful composer brings us a short EP containing b-sides, exclusive unreleased tracks, live takes and even a remix from the aforementioned full length release.

Racconto di luna appears second on the EP, remastered from the originally soundcloud released track which builds on a simple theme while bringing in large low end piano, sprinkled with light playing around the higher notes. Paterlini includes a live take of his track Still Travelling from a recent performance showcasing his talent in excellent pacing regarding his playing, with his signature style of letting notes breathe naturally between one another. The EP closes with a remix by March Rosetta which I really love. It is beat laden with chopped piano and progresses to an almost playful soulful closing with bouncing keys that ooze personality.

Head over to Fabrizio’s bandcamp page where you can find this record, all proceeds are going towards funding his next full length!



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