Leonardo Rosado – Studies in Solitude

Label: Twisted Tree Line

Buy Digital: Bandcamp

Buy Physical: 3″ CDr Postcard Edition

Rosado’s first release on Twisted Tree Line, for me, is one of his best works to date. Rosado continues his exploration into detailed sound design and ambience over the course of these five tracks that fit snuggly onto one 3″ CDr. There is a strong sense of aloneness on opener Study on Kindness until some inviting chimes fall into the mix with sparse piano sounds, greeting the listener after three or so minutes of dense and dark sounds.

Paying attention tot he sounds unfolding in Rosado’s works is always key to enjoying them, and in Studies on Solitude it is always evident that there are a myriad of things going on a once. The opening of Study on Doubts and Misconceptions presents a lovely ambient haze with what I make out to be soft percussive tones, off tune guitar buried deep underneath, distant piano and several field recordings perhaps of a body of water coming into contact with the hand of a human being. While all this is happening the ambience grows louder and is filled out with more piano to heighten the atmosphere even more.

Once again, I believe this to be among his best works to date, the attention to detail is stunning and the tracks themselves are brilliant meditations on the concept of being alone, possibly embracing that and understanding the concept of what it is to be in a state anomie., and then moving on from that.




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