Random Post for Anonymous #14

It has been a while, a long while. I do not even know if this is number 14 and I can’t be bothered checking – but I figure I am pretty close. I started this blog a long time ago and at first the purpose was to share music that I love and this purpose still remains, however the method I have done this has changed. As my knowledge of music has expanded exponentially over the years I have ever so gradually changed the way I review and promote music on Whatever Takes Your Fancy. Once upon a time I would post links to downloads of albums, often hidden behind album art, more recently (and for a while now) I have been avoiding this (apart from all netlabel releases which I will declare in the text of every post to share to one’s hearts content). For a while now I have been tacking onto the end of every commercial post the locations where you can purchase either a physical product of the artist/band in question or a digital download. Why have I started doing this and why have I stopped posting links? There are a number of reasons to my decisions.

The first reason is that I feel music has given me so much, and it has taken very little from me. Music is my life, I dedicate a substantial percentage of my income to music and I will continue to do so. I was talking to a member one day on the Dear Hunter’s Lake and the River forum and he said he prefers to pay for his music as he feels he invests much more time in it – and I believe this is true. You value it much more. The other day I purchased Shlohmo’s latest release on digital at first, loved it so much and picked up the vinyl edition as well. I can’t wait to spin it and I am sure I will love every minute of it – and that cash is going towards food, clothing and more music from that artist. Every artist. The independent music scene is huge right now, and supporting it is a good thing.

I have also noticed that over the last few years independent artists and labels have been going out of their way to make it worthwhile to buy music (it was always worthwhile, but even more so now). Whether it be outstanding hand-made packaging, beautifully made limited runs, bonus downloads or even just a thank you email for purchasing something, they take their time to make sure the listener gets the full experience. With the internet age this is becoming more and more possible for the listener to interact and build relationships with artists and labels.

In an age where we are bombarded with music, good and bad, it is people like you, the reader of this blog, the reader of however many independent music blogs out there who seek out innovative music and present it to you, you are the people who are recognising amazing music that few people have heard before. I urge you to keep seeking music, extend your boundaries and embrace new sounds. While you do this, support the labels and artists that give so much to you. I understand that it is impossible to purchase everything out there, I am in the same boat. But do what you can, if it is going to shows exclusively and maybe buying some merch – that is positive, send an email to your favourite artists telling them how much you appreciate their music, tell your friends about new music that isn’t on the radio. Spread the word of quality independent music.

I will no longer be posting links to albums, and will be providing links to label websites and artist stores. My reasoning for this is clear, for those of you who stop reading Whatever Takes Your Fancy because of this choice, that is fine, I will not judge. But for those of you who continue to read, enjoy and spread the love for quality independent music, I salute you.

I will have a few upcoming reviews very soon including releases from Mutual Benefit, Shlohmo, Leonardo Rosado, Sima Kim and Levek.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice, very nice……..

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