Kashiwa Daisuke – 88

Highly fated electronic composer Kashiwa Daisuke is a flexible kind of guy. His first two releases revolved around epic electronic cross classical boundaries while his last effort 5 Dec. integrated guitar and sprawling effects to create a monster of its own. Now Daisuke chooses to drop the claustrophobic nature of his electronic music for something entirely different, solo piano.

88 (symbolising the 88 keys of a piano) was entirely composed by Daisuke and is played by two pianists. The territory covered is nothing less than you would expect from Daisuke – soft, sombre beauty that places itself on a cold winters night as snow falls down in the cliffs. The notes run like water down a stream at times and are chilling and captivating. The albums centre piece and 10 minute epic “Swan Song” moves through alternate passages with ease keeping the listening experience fresh and new. I think that is what Daisuke does well on this release, it may just be solo piano but he keeps you guessing, and when he does choose to work in repetition he does so with poise and care.

Fans of earlier work from Daisuke will get a nice little surprise in Scorpion of Red Eyes and you will certainly enjoy his rendition of My Favorite Things. Daisuke is an artist to be celebrated in this day and age, he seems to be willingly challenging himself with whatever he does and he has a genuine understanding of musical composition. A refreshing turn for such an artist.

Use your trusty google translate to navigate around the Virgin Babylon website to pick up a copy of this wonderful record.

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