Jacob Montague – Fly On

For the last few hours I have been typing random genres “bandcamp” into a google search, following trails down through other releases and just exploring. It is exciting, because for every twenty or so mediocre albums I find I get one that will stop me in my tracks. Fly On by Jacob Montague is that one album in twenty where I had to download it, and as an added bonus it was also free. Fly On sits on the border between folk instrumentation and micro electronics. The line is often blurred and it creates a unique sound. Whether it be the lead banjo on Wandering Waltz that builds like a post-rock track cut short at three minutes or the electronic blips cut sharply on Me is All I Am there is this beautiful line being treaded and I love it.

You can download this release for free on the artists bandacmp page 

4 Responses to “Jacob Montague – Fly On”
  1. jct says:

    I have said many time recently, the best music currently being released is on bandcamp. The trick is finding it, so thanks for the tip on this one.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a great album! Enough searching on bandcamp and you will find some gems like this.

    He has a new one out now too. You guys should check it out.

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