FJORDNE – Charles Rendition

The Singapore based Kitchen. Label has been taking it’s time with releases, and why shouldn’t they. Each carefully selected and crafted album is exquisitely detailed right from the meticulous artwork all the way through to the precise and glorious music from its artists. Charles Rendition by FJORDNE (the second release for the artist on the label) is yet another example of this dedication to presentation and form.

When the first sample track was released my mind was oozing with anticipation, Awakening was as cool as any jazz bar in New York, yet it had this distinct personality of its own. A thick beat coalescing underneath static and electronics while a keyboard soars and woodwinds unite in concert. Forfeiture contains all the swagger and finesse with its frollicking piano slowly growing evermore aggressive throughout the piece with constant climbing brass. This personality is not the only shade to Charles Rendition as FJORDNE covers alternate ground in stunning soft-spoken pieces such as Hope which is accompanied by wispy female vocals, Ebenze with its soft strings and the frenetic Ald Square which is as disorienting as it is hypnotic in nature.

It is highly recommended you acquire the physical copy of this, it is (well, I have not received it yet, but as it is Kitchen Label I know it will be) a stunning piece of artwork and packaging. For sale at the Kitchen. Label Store.

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