Bvdub + Ian Hawgood – The Truth Hurts

After one listen this record jumped straight into my top ten for the year, 4 listen later within a 24 hour period has only cemented it’s place and I am looking forward to many more run throughs with it, late at night and alone. This is the first release from the new label Nomadic Kids Republic pretty much run by Ian Hawgood and it is one stellar way to kick off a label. The record has a total of four tracks, two run for approximately 12 minutes while the last two clock in at an enormous 24 minutes however the time flies by as you become engulfed in the various sounds and moods there two artists construct for you.

I tried to find a nice line of explanation as to how this music sounded, and to take a stab for you I would say they combine the distant and ‘rnb’ like vocals of Burial with heavy-handed ambient looping, swell like synths and just the right amount of acoustic instrumentation. This music can’t be described well enough and the only way to sink into it properly is to let it hit you hard. Half way through Lie in Lone I hear traces of Tim Hecker at his best as the pair build massive walls of sound around you only to bring them crushing right back down in emotive glory.

Check this album out, it will be the highlight of your year. You can purchase it on cd at the Home Normal website

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