Lyndsie Alguire – Suspended in Light

Camomille Music is one of my favourite netlabels, and since re-inventing itself after shutting shop in 2009 it has continued to release quality music under a creative commons licence. The latest release has blown me away. Lyndsie is from Montreal and this is her debut release – a collection of at times short piano pieces, at others longer and all extremely versatile and intriguing.

While centered around her personal playing the album incorporates a number of arsenal which extends to thudding beat music, electronic passages, field recordings and spoken word. The organic nature of the tracks, the mixing between piano and electronics and everything previously mentioned is astonishing. The record is fluid and precise, heavily detailed without requiring the listener to struggle.

I can pick out some standout tracks in here, but it really needs to be listened to as a whole, which I have done four times now without skipping a single track. The most memorable track for me is Dawn Goes Down with an addictive piano flare that flows nicely and jumps at you immediately, the electronic blips panning and swirling in All That I See is mesmerizing while Not Time Lost sees Lyndsie at her piano, alone and contemplative. This album is extremely well paced and executed, it is astonishing it is being offered for free under a creative commons license.

You are encouraged to share the album for free – you can download, donate or purchase a limited edition Cdr of the record at the Camomille site.

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