Depakote – Suicide Watch

The sky is grey, raindrops remain static on a bedroom window overlooking city lights. Thoughts run through your head, some glorious, some dark, all sinister. This sort of inner monologue, words unspoken in flight throughout one’s head is the subject matter for Depakote’s new record “Suicide Watch” released on Fly Definition records. Those familiar with Depakote’s works will know that he has released a whole swag of free tunes for you to download, and now he has jumped into the depths of finding a label for his records home.

To be frank, I don’t normally associate hip hop with such topics as suicide and despair but Depakote successfully hits the proverbial nail on the head of these topics both musically and lyrically. There is no rapping on this disc, but there are extensive vocal samples that are stretched, mangled, slowed down, sped up and spliced. All of these cuts weave in and out, often panning around the fluid nature of the music itself. Beats are steady and watery, even ominous at times. What draws me to it though is how steeped in funk and soul it is – it’s hidden, but also very visible if you look for it.

He sums it up in the last track with the vocal line

Sometimes I get so lonely

just thinkin by myself

And that is what this record is, a musical depiction of lonely thoughts, and it works brilliantly. Depakote’s Suicide Watch is available at the Fly Definition Bandcamp website in both physical and digital format.

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