Strom Noir – Dni stratili svoju farbu

Out on Hibernate Recordings this new record from Strom Noir translated means ‘Days Lost Their Colour’, scheduled for release in the northern hemisphere’s autumn but was pushed back it now sees the light of day. Emil Matko, from Slovakia is the man behind the sounds of this record and his style traverses the boundaries of meditative experimental sounds tapered with ever so subtle field recordings, processed guitar and tape hiss.

Tebe opens the album up with 8 minutes of serene frolicking guitar surrounded by all sorts of processed sounds creating a warm ambient haze. The track builds and swells until the 6 minute mark when everything is dropped for an angelic closing of sounds – it is like one of the moments where you have a first person view of jumping form a cliff and marvelling at the beauty before you. Vulnerable but at peace.

Dni stratili svoju farbu continues this vulnerability with a little more edge, echoed patches of sounds come alive and then decay, threatening to swallow your ears whole before retreating and reforming again. This is a release that you can really tell the artist has paid a lot of attention to every fine detail, making every sound count for something. Dni stratili svoju farbu is out now on Hibernate Recordings and through Strom Noir’s Bandcamp page

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