Colorlist – The Fastest Way To Become The Ocean

The Fastest Way To Become The Ocean is the first in a four-part series of releases on the Serein label, each one based on a season of the year. This EP by Colorlist represents Spring, and it is safe to say they have nailed it. The four tracks are all composed by the two members of the group with a little outside help, Charles Rumback takes care of percussion and melodica while Charles Gorczynski plays the saxophone along with a multitude of other instruments.

The music itself is loosely affiliated with modern jazz, but follows more of a post-rock structure with swirling builds and a rather structureless body. These elements work to the advantage of Colorlist as can be heard in the brilliant Nine Lives where an undercurrent of percussion complements the swirling saxophones, working into an expressive groove for much of the track – not to be confused with repetition, as the instruments are forever weaving in and out of one another and are never static. The mould is broken when Jeff Parker of Tortoise lends his wonderful guitar to compliment the crescendo.

Coming Into Sight is yet again of high standard, with drumming that virtually carries the almost drone-like melodica until finally duelling saxophones (yes, duelling) swell into the mix and coalesce into a moment of exuberant grace. Squealing, begging, plying for your attention that you inevitably give them. Saxophones croon and shine through like spring sun in the morn, and die down as sparse percussive elements linger, and the chatter of locals emerge into the foreground.

The Fastest Way To Become The Ocean ends on a bright note, including vocals following the melody of melodica. The EP is stunning because of its connection to spring, but also because of the execution and composition of the songs themselves. Diverse without being overbearing, cohesive and drawn out, hitting their strides right when they should.

You can purchase this release on limited vinyl or in digital format from the Serein label

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