Dubnight Compilation Vol. 2 – Various Artists

Get your Dub on!

I am fairly new to dub, I hear it every now and then and say to myself, wow this is cool! Where can I find more of this sort of stuff? I have never known where to look for music like this. Fortunately today I was perusing through a netlabel catalogue and chanced upon the Dubkey netlabel who had a release by Manwel T, I downloaded this release and thoroughly enjoyed it. Desiring more I searched Manwel on Google and found his homepage with a myriad of links to releases he was on. One of which was “Dubnights Compilation Volume 2” the combination of Dub with the word night had me salivating. So I downloaded and have been grooving to these tunes all night. If I am on my feet I am dancing, If im sitting down my head is swaying. This download was released free of charge, so go nuts and share like crazy!

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