Luca Nasciuti – Temporali

Luca Nasciuti’s Temporali at first listen, for me, was musical experimentation at the height of its game. Over time this image of experimentation I had in my head was slowly eroded away until I formed a new opinion of the ominous, foreboding and confronting sounds on this release. This new opinion was one of musical exploration.

The three pieces Luca explores in this release on the Feedback Loop Label are meandering and mangled slices of manipulated cello, twisted until unrecognised and then unscrambled to create passages of the bow caressing the strings in solemn beauty. The contrast of seemingly incapable sounds and short melodies is where Luca begins his exploration on first track Ivory. The exploration continues in Pan- which builds its opening with mystic chimes, wind and an ever so soft drone, processed and torn to shreds travelling between the two channels on your speaker. The 15 minute long track is challenging and deserves a keen ear to be heard. Elegy closes the release with layered cello, building one drone at a time with processed sounds adding texture, ebbing and flowing between a cello being buried in sound to making itself heard at the forefront.

I changed my opinion of this release after multiple listens, on the surface Luca displays a level of experimentation but I believe throughout Luca exudes confidence in his ability to explore the boundaries of his instrument and compile these sounds into a meaningful and accomplished collection of songs. It is encouraged that you share this release freely, you can download from Feedback Loop Label.

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