Twin Lizard – The 6 Billion

Needle in the Groove Netlabel is situated in the UK and this release, dropping late last year is an EP by Twin Lizard (version 4?). The 6 Billion, a reference to the earth’s population I would presume is straight up hip hop with lyrics focused on the political state of the world as we know it. It is nice to hear well-informed artists spitting lyrics that aren’t built on bitches and tits and the consumption of amorous drugs. The content itself is often aggressive and confronting – tackling issues such as the war in Iraq, capitalism and the apathetic nature of the people.

Musically the EP shines, Nemesis is carried by a brilliant guitar tone and smooth rolling rapping by David Downey, Sinner G and Texture, while The 6 Billion stretches out to include a monologue in closing the bass heavy track. Conewrecker swaggers on with a steady beat, warm crackles and decaying electro-esque guitars. Standout A Word About Myself is to be commended for the slick production, mirroring the icy coolness of Emancipator with a little more emphasis the cuts by DJ Dimes and glistening piano samples. The EP closes with 3 Points of Contact, a fast paced beat that skims a water like synth vibe weaving around both male and female appearances on the vox.

The 6 Billion is both a political statement and commentary on both the leaders and the followers – combine this with hard-hitting and smooth production and you have a wonderful release by Needle in the Groove Netlabel. This EP is available for free by clicking the artwork or by visiting the netlabel page.

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