Japan Crisis: Independent Music Community Help

So as I am sure everyone is aware, Japan has and is still going through a hell of a lot of turmoil right now. I have been to Japan three times, twice for 3 weeks and once for 4 months and it holds a special place with me. I have made a lot of friends there, lived with some amazing people and listened to some incredible artists from the country. I would just like to update the site with some news of two releases (one out, and the other in progress) that are donating 100% of all purchases to relief efforts (namely the Japan Red Cross).

The Inter-netlabel Compilation for Japanese Relief was borne out of one tweet – the netlabel community is gathering pace with this effort and will be releasing most likely a multi-disc (all in digital of course) compilation of netlabel artists from around the world. This is especially unique as netlabels give away their music for free, 100% of the time, and all they ask for is feedback and promotion by the listeners. In this case, they will be setting a pay what you want download option to donate 100% of purchases to japanese relief organizations. The compilation is in need of any art, music, promotion and video that you can contribute under a creative commons license.

Hakobune – Where I Belong

Pay What You Want Download

Hakobune has had some stunning releases on the Hibernate record label, and now the Japanese native is contributing this self released three track EP full of meditative ambient drones created with his guitar and numerous effects. 100% of proceeds from this digital release will go to the Japanese Red Cross. It is a stunningly beautiful release.

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