V/A – Minute Papillon

Minute Papillon was released on the Second Language Record Label, a very independent label that works as a subscription based music distributor but also a stand alone purchase (provided that there are enough copies). The idea for this compilation was extremely interesting to me, so of course I had to pick up a copy for myself. Minute Papillon consists of 60 tracks all at exactly 1 minutes length.

The fact that there are 60 tracks on the one cd makes for a chaotic at times, and peaceful at others listen. Tracks fly by without so much as a quick wave, and the next 1 minute quickly catches up. It is an intriguing listen, and as you go through the record you pick up little bits all over the place that astound you – the 1 minute restriction placed on the artist really does focus the music, and it also focuses the listener. Another unique thing about this compilation is the extreme variability presented – literally 1 minute (haha yes I know) you will be deeply entranced by soft female vocals backed by a string ensemble, and the next minute (…) fast paced breakbeats and swirling electronics. The extent of genre play here is refreshing and challenging, spanning such styles as folk, modern classical, ambient/drone, electronic and post-rock.

Yes, some songs you wish didn’t have to end when that 59 second point quickly races in, but it’s the beauty in these little snippets of sound that you must learn to appreciate – and when you do, the compilation really does shine.

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