Industries of the Blind – Chapter 1: Had We Known Better

To download this album, click on and choose either “flac” or “mp3” at the bottom

Just a quick post promoting this release, apparently this band has been around for ages and just hasn’t released anything – well here it is, the first chapter from the band Industries of the Blind. It is a cross between the brooding sounds of GY!BE, the energy of EITS and the strings of Yndi Halda. Sounds like a nice combination yeah? Then click on the album image to go to the band’s website and download the album for free.

4 Responses to “Industries of the Blind – Chapter 1: Had We Known Better”
  1. Starrzan says:

    The image link aint workin. 😉

  2. Alex says:

    Oh shit sorry! Should be fixed now 😀

  3. Jes says:

    I still can’t download it

  4. Alex says:

    ok, made a new link underneath the album art, tried it myself – should allll be good now. sorry guys

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