Sima Kim – tribute to no one


Sima Kim’s tribute to no one opens with a prelude of acoustic piano, the sounds reverberate and slowly meander for the 2 minute duration. The prelude only beckons in one shade of what this record is, for throughout the 35 minutes the listener can expect an eclectic mix of subtle electronic ambience, modern classical pieces harking back to the likes of Satie and Part, and a number of other approaches to sound composition.

The title track ushers in a building electronic pulse with Polaroid ambience swirling all around, a voice asks you to pay attention even though your ears are wide open. Reminiscence highlights the lo-fi nature Sima Kim has chosen to work with – a gentle but warming hiss hovers around the piano while subtle clicks echo before plodding percussion takes shape and carries the song. The tangential aspect of this record is most rewarding, one moment you find yourself knee-deep in post-rock territory, the next faced with heart tugging strings, only to be surprised with out of this world electronics (see System_1).

Although most tracks are relatively short, Impression towers over them all standing at ten minutes in length – a monolith of treated piano echoing and decaying slowly driving the listener into an almost trance like state before moving on to the albums final breathe. Tribute to no one is the first release from Le Blanc Label and a wonderful one at that – You can purchase it for only 2 GBP at the bandcamp link below the artwork!

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