Austin Peralta – Endless Planets


The brainfeeder label opens up 2011 with something completely different. Word dropped that FlyLo was going to release a young kids jazz album, and this thoroughly piqued my interest. What I was expecting this album to sound like turned out to be nothing like I expected it to sound like – with Dr Strangeloop producing this record I thought there might be a little more interplay between traditional jazz and the new-wave of electronic experimentation.

After an epic introduction Capricornus bounces in with vivacity and life. Five minutes into the first track and the tightly focused ensemble lock into a stunning groove set by the bass only to crescendo and move back into the original backbone of the song – it is as traditional as jazz gets, but this does not detract from the life of the song itself. Dr Strangeloop touches only small parts of this record and these playful touches come forth in between tracks with the instruments panning left and right and crumbling into a desolate dust highway.

The Underwater Mountain Odyssey kicks in after about a minute of foreplay, the drums lock into something nice and Peralta dances his way across the piano and in between the other players, the bass starts and stops as Peralta’s solo gains in pace and sparseness when joined by saxophone to recreate an underwater world of music.

Despite these moments the ensemble do seem to lose their way at times – and although I love the solo as much as the next guy, some of the horns here tend to go dry and lifeless, only to fall back into the motion and successfully carrying little momentum into closing remarks of songs.

It is after the epic Algiers where we are treated to some outside sounds of glorious proportions. A large landscape is painted with sounds decaying in the wind and a soft hiss forming underneath burning embers. It’s picturesque and quaint after the playful (but loud) amount of Jazz the listener has experienced – almost like the perfect palate cleanser in order to start the album all over again. A solid record here by Austin Peralta and it makes me extremely excited to see the boundaries Brainfeeder can push throughout the year to come.

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