Giggs – Universe EP


Monofonicos Netlabel

I love twitter, and the reason I love twitter is because I follow alot of people who tweet about music. Everynow and then I’ll follow a tweet link to a netlabel record and download it, you know, because it is free! Today I took a punt on the Columbian netlabel Monofonicos – what I found within immediately was a bounty of beautiful artwork, an extremely well presented website and it was all in Spanish. I just had to check out the tunes.

I decided to snag their latest release by Giggs, a producer local to the netlabel’s location. The EP runs in at 51 minutes and is full of late night minimal tech house with a bit of a twist. There are a ton of atmospherics swirling around the bouncing tunes that at times run past the ten minute mark but fly by as my feet tap away and my body moves in it’s chair. This is music to sit back, chill out and relax to, a few glasses of wine maybe, nice company, and the night is set. I don’t normally get into the extended house stuff, but this label is certainly high on quality and low on bullshit. I checked out another release by Vandelklang which is also high quality stuff and will slowly make my way through the rest of the labels output.

Click the download link above to download, absolutely free of charge – or head to the label website and check out there other releases!

One Response to “Giggs – Universe EP”
  1. monofonicos says:

    Hey friend, thanks a lot for beautiful review 🙂
    i’m glad to know you liked our music!!
    thanks and all best for you!

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