Rural Colours Subscription Pack 7

Rural Colours

The Rural Colours series is extremely fascinating to me, and I think the reason I enjoy it so much is that in each pack there is a mix of established artists and relatively unknown (to me at least) up and comers. Subscription Pack 7 is no exception with a stunning release by Behncke whom I had never heard of before, while the remaining two releases come from established Good Weather for An Airstrike and Clem Leek. Beautifully packaged in a somewhat summery cloth satchel (very appropriate for the current Australian summer here), contained within are three EP’s that would feel more at home with soft, falling snowflakes or a clear night sky.

Behncke – Behncke (free download)

I had never heard of Behncke before and it is always wonderful to go into music blind. Much like the cover photo the music is hazy, washed and out of focus. Sounds swirl around you and meander through the emotions gloriously. The EP is awash with ambient guitar reverberating off cold walls – The two tracks take you to a peaceful place outside, staring into a nights sky as rhythm takes hold and whisks you away into a deep, contemplative, meditative state.

Good Weather for An Airstrike – A Winter (Bandcamp)

A Winter is exactly that, cold and icy ambience that melts at a glacial pace. Opening track Motion takes almost 2 and a half minutes to build its full sound of ambience that feels like it could fall apart at any second, but holds on right till the end. Broken combines soft rain field recordings with sweeping ambient sounds making for a peaceful exit to this EP.

Clem Leek – Home Outside

Clem Leek closes this subscription pack with a near 18 minute piece built upon a 2010 photo exhibition. Home Outside is the most dense of the three releases in this pack and a multitude of sounds can be heard. A thick but not overbearing wall of ambience sits behind constant shuffling of feet, the sound of birds, heart aching strings and the flute of Isnaj Dui work their way into the mix. It is both dark and comforting at the same time.

Each EP is available for download by clicking the artist and release title above the cover art. A kind word goes out to Jonathon Lees at Hibernate Recordings and Rural Colours for this wonderfully crafted series.

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