Adapt – Vamos a un lugar espacial EP

Download release from Miga Netlabel for free!

So where have I been? I will admit that I have been a bit slack lately, but my net was shaped and I have been working a lot while I can during my uni break. Running through my twitter feed I came across the Spanish Miga Netlabel, and indeed it has been a while since I have posted some nice creative commons music – so here is something new and awesome.

Adapt situates himself on the line of ambience, beats and techno (but mostly the first two) on this EP release (which runs for about 36 minutes). Each track takes its name from the various planets in our solar system and bare the traits of space travel, with the sounds synthetic in structure but never devoid of humanity. The erratic percussion in Norbert Kristoff – White Dress (adapt Saturn remix) combines with a weary voice, Mercury Cry cascades in a flying heap of electronic sounds swirling at head height.

I would go so far to say that there is even some dubstep in here, with thick bass lines and a nice hop of hand claps in the closing track Bad News from Uranus, these dark sounds are to be met with techno sounding synths morphing into a steady beat carried as an undercurrent to vocal samples and echoed chaos. You can download this release for free from the Miga Netlabel!

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