Top Netlabel Releases of 2010

As promised, here is WTYF top ten netlabel releases for the year. Again, it was very difficult to pick a top ten as there were so many incredible releases last year, but here goes.

#1: I’ve Lost – Dissociative Fugue (Feedback Loop Label)

I’ve Lost’s release on the Feedback Loop Label was I believe the catalyst to my netlabel discovery. One of the first releases I dove into in the netlabel scene and one of the most emotional, compelling and evocative releases I had the pleasure of hearing all year. Two tracks fill this gloriously dark EP of layered electric guitar, processed and effect driven beauty. It’s the sort of release where you must stop what you are doing and listen from beginning to end, without interruption or disturbance, sink in and float away.

#2: Nicolas Bernier + Simon Trottier – The Market Fresh (zymogen)

The Market Fresh marked a departure from the folktronic sound design creations of past collaborations between these two astounding artists and set forth a 19 minute journey into dense ambient drone solitude mingling with a lone guitar reaching out to you underneath the stars. This release is a deeply human piece, where music attempts, and succeeds to connect with the listener on more than one level.

#3: Isnaj Dui – Protective Displacement (Rural Colours)

Flute isn’t something that I would associate with ambient and experimental music, which is why I enjoy this release immensely. Split into two glorious sections the one track meanders and evolves with grace and subtlety using enveloping flute sounds and a number of field recording devices. One of the many stellar releases on the hybrid Rural Colours label.

#4: James McDougall – Mountain upon a phosphorescent sky (Impulsive Habitat)

This release on Impulsive Habitat would have to be my all time favourite field recording. Taken in the mountains of Queensland the recording captures an epic thunderstorm, right from the beginning of cicadas chirping in the weeds, the brilliant, vibrant bursts of thunder and the ever approaching sound of falling rain. A truly rewarding listen and incredible experience that sets you right in the thick of it.

#5: Fabrizio Paterlini & March Rosetta – Viandanze Re-imagined (Test Tube)

Fabrizio Paterlini’s album Viandanze was certainly a wonderfully realised solo piano record, and paired with March Rosettas cinematic and sweeping additional instruments on this 4 track release on Test Tube invokes nostalgic memories and warm mornings like nothing else. Quiet yet expansive, the music paints vivid colours on one’s mind, keeping warmth near.

#6: Benjamin Dauer – Burning of Wine (Distance Recordings)

Benjamin had a productive 2010, and a successful one at that with two of his releases in my top ten (the other one a little later). Burning of Wine is as loud as it is graceful, which is a hard medium to find but Ben somehow finds it and nails it. Dark brooding ambience and drones fill an abyss that seemingly never ends. Perfect.

#7: Manni Dee – Fluxus (Bedroom Research)

Manni Dee brings Fluxus, a fusion of hip-hop, soul, electro and glitch beats that all coalesce into a flowing melting pot of sounds. Distant horns, vocals samples and keys weave in and out of the ears. Funk underlines with bumping bass and a diverse selection of instruments. Fresh release.

#8: The Dwindlers – Dreams (Feedback Loop Label)

Kick starting my taste with spoken word this release melds the work of bassist Benjamin Dauer (who takes care of the instruments here) and Michelle Seamans spoken word poetry. The two make a formidable pair of artists composing tales of sultry, sexy nights and smokey watering holes that you’ve always heard about but never been to.

#9: Subterminal – Bitstreams (Test Tube)

A highly experimental release that takes multi-talented artist (truly multi-talented) into the realm of poetry and spoken word combined with the machinery of man-made artifacts and the fluidity of natures devices. An inspiring record that is as challenging as it is enjoyable.

#10: Go-Qualia – Girl of Synaesthesia Parts 1 + 2 (Bunkai-kei)

A headphone listeners dream is this album, full of rich electronic, glitch and crazy sounds. Japanese electronic music has always interested me, they have their own very distinct sound and do it very well – this release is no exception from Bunkai-kei records and rounds out my top ten of 2010.

So there it is, WTYF top 10 netlabel releases of 2010 – here to a bumper 2011 on the netlabel scene with more adventurous, experimental and innovative artists releasing under a creative commons license!

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