Setting goals, cheers Fabrizio.

Reading Fabrizio Paterlini’s post kind of inspired me to write my own goals that I want to work towards this year. So, I may have a lot to accomplish, but I am sure I will find the time:

  1. This year I will be tackling the task a research project and ultimately writing my thesis in the fourth year of my psychology degree. I want to do as well as I possibly can, and to know at the end of the year that I gave it my all.
  2. I want to make music, I want to capture sounds from our world. If not for anyone else than for me. I have purchased myself a nice device to capture field recordings as well as any musical leaps I make. I sat at a piano the other day and made noise, improvised noise. Tiny steps.
  3. I took great leaps into music of all kinds in 2010, I want this to continue. Not only listening to music from around the world but conversing with artists, promoting and working with them to further my understanding of diverse genre’s and those pushing the boundaries.
  4. I want to experiment in photography, my parents of a digital SLR, so why not take it out every now and then and capture things around me.

It feels strange scribing what I want to do here, but it’s also reassuring that I have some things in my mind that I can look forward to and experience.

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